Chairman's Message

Dear Stakeholders,

TRB Group is proud of its 55 years of rich presence and varied experience across the world. I am proud to express that we have expanded our reach to 44 countries across the world and are contantly focusing on adding new markets to the current list. We continue to offer unmatched value to our clients on the strength of our sound business fundamentals.

A journey of success always requires the virtues of foresight, strategy & innovation. All of this along with committment, hard work, unmatched quality & exceptional service has helped TRB Group to be above par in comparison with the international companies. However, our inspiration to strive for greater pedestals comes from your trust and willingness to believe in our capability to deliver the best in the world. We always welcome the participation, support and direction of our esteemed clients to better ourselves in order to reach the height of excellence.

I believe this is the reason our company has successfully met the targeted goals and has a higher customer satisfaction level than before in the international as well as the domestic markets, despite a volatile external environment.

We believe in innovation and continuous improvement of our methodology to provide even better services to our clients. Our efforts are aimed at providing our clients with superior quality products & services.  To put it in simpler terms, our business philosophy is to match the expectations of our clients with their aspirations so that they can lead a better life.

Thank you for choosing us!

Best Regards,

Rajesh Aggarwal

Chairman & Managing Director

Trbex Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Sh. Rajesh Aggarwal