The story unfolds post-independence of the British Colonization of India. A man with plentiful dreams, far-extending vision of making it to the pinnacle set his foothold on the bountiful land of industries, called the Manchester of India, the city of Ludhiana, in the state of Punjab. Here is where he chose to make his distant dreams come true. M/s JIWAN UDYOG was the first and the impressive step towards the fulfilment of that visionary fantasy.

Established in the year 1962, by The Founder and The Father of the Group, Sh. VED PARKASH AGGARWAL, the company started manufacturing bicycle hubs, an import substitute, imported from the United Kingdom, till that time. An intense calculative and visionary approach of the enigmatic leader, the organization grew many folds, by continuous developments and in the process establishing new companies which specialized in various product manufacturing and simultaneous trading activities, under the Umbrella Company, better known as "TRB GROUP".

With an urge to extend quality services and operations world-wide, the company extended its arms with the creation of TRB GROUP, under which, M/s TRB EXPORTS PVT. LTD. (1994) was established. Gradually, on the increased success of the group, M/s TRB ENGINEERS (1997) and M/s TRBEX IMPEX PVT. LTD. (2007), were also established to cater the augmenting demands in the years to follow. The latest entry in the TRB family has been the group's first capital investment outside India, FERMALI SARL (2013), an integrated steel rolling mill.

Trbex Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Sh. Ved Parkash Aggarwal Founder